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The Cast

Adramelah-(Andromeda) A very ancient dragon, expert in the ways of magic or lore.

Black-A serpent dragon, mate of Satha, father of Dragonet. Powerful, fast, fearless.

Dragonet-Daughter of Satha and Black, a fire dragon, resembles her mother but has some of her father's characteristics (acid-flame breath). Limited morphing ability. Raised by Nathan the mage and Katryn, imprinted on humans, trained to disguise her dragon appearance as she prepares to go on her quests.

Razor-Fire dragon, leads the dragon raiders when Rath is not present. Has a heavily armored back.

Rath-the devastator, (also Goretz the mountain, also Draco the destroyer, etc.) A large, powerful, centuries old fire dragon known for suddenly appearing and devastating cities, regions, once banished to another plane of existance (abyss?), has killed numerous adventurers, rival dragons and monsters alike. Now keeps a low profile due to all the enemies he's made.

Saars-A younger fire dragon and member of the dragon raiders, aggressive, evil. Easy to recognize by his large curved horns.

Satha-Mother of Dragonet, Saara, mate of Black, learned magic lore from Adramelah. A cruel, indifferent, devious dragon.

Saara Serpent dragon, daughter of Satha and Black, sister to Dragonet. Saara has limited morphing ability like Dragonet, and powerful acid or flame breath. She can be cruel, cunning, vicious.

Aelfus-Mage, part of Rolf's adventuring band.

Benjamin-Servant of Nathan Rada the mage.

Father Beran-Priest of Wilna, former adventurer with Nathan, stubborn, very brave and diligent.

Gallus-The king's wizard.

Goblins-Evil, malicious humanoids that haunt unsettled areas, raid frontiers or serve the hobgoblins. They stand around four feet tall, misshapen, with discolored skin and threatening nature.

Gottfrey-Retainer of Wulfus, killed by Satha.

Hans-Retainer of Wulfus, killed by Satha.

Jan-Servant of Nathan Rada.

Jarmil-the Prince Son of the king, prince in Guntersburg.

Katryn-Faithful servant of Nathan Rada, foster mother to Dragonet.

Kornel-Counselor to the king, watches over Prince Jarmil.

Nathan Rada-A wizard, adventurer, former soldier, helped to kill Satha and raise Dragonet. Nathan tries to settle down and enjoy the spoils of his many quests, only to find they are just beginning thanks to Dragonet, who calls him "mage-pa".

Wolfus-A fearless warlord, direct, capable, a natural leader, skilled swordsman, horseman, son of a famous horde leader.

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