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The adventures of Dragonet, as seen online, in print form! Click an image to go directly to my Createspace store. Also available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Dragonet book one Dragonet Book 2 Dragonet Book 3

The Dragonet Series

A wizard kills a rampaging dragon only to find a dragon hatchling in the lair. Nathan the wizard chooses a fantastic gamble-to raise a Dragon! Will Dragonet learn what she must to survive in the world of men? Will she be able to control the fiery beast within and claim her dragon heritage? As Dragonet grows, she will need all her abilities to battle the evils that threaten the world-and the future of all dragons!

Color cover, black and white interior art, hundreds of pages of fantasy art and adventure! Includes extra art since debuting online February of 2010!