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September 3, 2019

Here's the rough art for the new cover of The Sword of Dragonet. I've put together a new video on my youtube channel at Frank art and illustration that has more news about my the fourth book of Dragonet, webcomics and publishing plans.

June 3, 2019

Not sure when I'll be update Dragonet here again. I may develop my comics offline, as my schedule is so busy it prevents regular art production. My new real world work schedule absorbs much of my time and energy. I also have to sell a house and move in a few months. Whatever happens, I'll try to post news here about any changes and announcements.

One plan is I hope to release Dragonet book 4 around the end of this year. There is definitely more news to come...and more Dragonet in the future, when things settle down. Thanks to you all.

Dragonet the Story

A wizard kills a rampaging dragon and finds a dragon hatchling in the lair. He takes a fantastic gamble- to raise a Dragon! Will Dragonet learn to live in the world of men, tame the beast within and claim her dragon heritage? As Dragonet grows, she must face many evils that threaten the world-and the future of all dragons!